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NEVER have I been a part of such a great overall fitness program. As a personal trainer and life long athlete, I thought I had experienced just about everything a fitness program had to offer. Man was I wrong. From the beginning, Greg and Teresa were more than helpful (and honest) in teaching me the in and outs of the program. From the right way to do each exercise, to the science behind the program. With their help, I was able to push myself to a fitness level I never thought I could achieve.
It’s been almost 10 months since I left CFTally, but it’s been on my mind a lot lately.  We often hear about exercise as “an investment in your health” and think it’s a BS marketing slogan to get money, but I don’t think it is.  Fitness is, in many ways like a savings account that you work for, sacrifice for and earn with sweat, blood and sometimes tears.  But once you have it, it’s there for you to use in an emergency.
Katie, R. 
I know CrossFit gets a lot of crap from other people saying that we brag about it too much, but that’s because they have no idea how addictive it is, seeing yourself improve and become stronger with every passing week. So, instead of going twice a week I started going four times a week, until finally I started going six times a week and found myself waking up early Saturday mornings just to get one good workout in early in the morning before I started my day.
Kayla G 
That's the one thing that I appreciated most about my experience at Crossfit Tallahassee; the expertise that Greg and Theresa shared with me.  It's one thing to run a gym, it's an another to tape athletes, coach form, and talk about anything fitness for hours on end.  I remember one day I showed up for a WOD and I had misread the schedule and showed up about an hour early.  Greg was at the box and we spoke about Trigger Points, Myofascial release, programming, and a slew of other Crossfit related topics for the full hour and then some.  It's experiences like that which are non-existent at larger, conventional gyms.
Chris B 
Since I joined CFTally, I am stronger, faster, healthier and happier!  CrossFit is about pushing yourself to be the healthiest, strongest and best person you can be.  It has taught me that you CAN do anything if you really want to.  Anyone can do it and everyone should do it!!!!  CFTally is a great, friendly atmosphere with all the tools you need to be a successful CrossFitter!    Just be aware, it’s ADDICTIVE!

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