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Once you’ve decided you’re going to win the CrossFit Games, climb Mount Everest, or lose 100 pounds, we will help you come up with a roadmap and a timeline to help you achieve your goals.


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South of Park ave in the Capital Circle Commercial Center.

504 Capital Circle SE
Tallahassee, FL 32301

(850) 566-3269

NEVER have I been a part of such a great overall fitness program. As a personal trainer and life long athlete, I thought I had experienced just about everything a fitness program had to offer. Man was I wrong. From the beginning, Greg and Teresa were more than helpful (and honest) in teaching me the in and outs of the program. From the right way to do each exercise, to the science behind the program. With their help, I was able to push myself to a fitness level I never thought I could achieve.
With people of all fitness levels and trainers really looking to help the members improve, CrossFit at CFTally was not the scary experience I first imagined. CrossFit at CFTally was the beginning of a new lifestyle for me and encouraged me to continue wherever I go.
Elizabeth F. 
I have always been an active person who works out about five times a week. I recently started getting bored of the gym and I was at a plateau, I wasn't getting any leaner or stronger. I heard about CF Tallahassee and decided to try it out. I started in Feb and fell in love with it. All the coaches are very motivating and they know their stuff!! Since I started crossfit three months ago I have already seen a lot of improvements in my workouts and I am getting stronger! I only left CF tally because I moved back home but I will be continuing crossfitting at home. It was a pleasure training with all the coaches in CF Tally, I learned a lot!
If you are hesitant because of your fitness level, look at me!  I didn’t work out a day in my life and now I cannot stop!  If you are hesitant because of your budget, as a student, I understand the struggle.  I can’t speak for other boxes, but CrossFit Tallahassee has great student rates, discounts, and multiple other options that will work for you.  Lastly, if you are hesitant because you don’t think you can, the word “can’t” is not allowed in CrossFit Tallahassee (literally, you will get a burpee penalty), so you’ll quickly learn that you can do anything you set your mind to, just like I did.
Theresa L. 
Crossfit isn’t the easiest but if it was would it really be worth it? You’ll learn how to be the best you. You’ll learn how to be better than the best you that you were yesterday. You’ll look back as I did and realize this new hobby has become something bigger than you expected. It’s become a lifestyle, a family, a home, and positive support.
Mellow S 

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