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South of Park ave in the Capital Circle Commercial Center.

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After arriving back in Tallahassee, I began to research the CrossFit gyms in Tallahassee. After viewing pictures of the colorful and clean gym of CrossFit Tally, I knew it was the place for me. I was right. Since joining CrossFit Tallahassee, I had a tremendous increase in my physical fitness test. I went from a 257 to a 297 (highest score is 300) this past school year (my best score since I became a cadet in 2007) and I am in the best shape of my life. The trainers were very helpful and motivational.
From the outside crossfit seems like it is just nonstop lifting ridiculously heavy weight, constant yelling by super young and super fit athletes. As a new insider, I can attest that CFTally is a game changer. At CrossFit Tallahassee I’ve found a community that very much became like family, all at different levels of fitness and ages. It is a family that sweats together, pushes each other to get better, and get stronger. Please tell me which gym you find that.
Stephanie Franco 
Every day at CrossFit I would walk into the box, and after the WOD I would crawl out weary and worn, but I had always achieved something personal, proved myself physically, and grown stronger emotionally.
John K. 
I started Crossfit with Tallahassee Crossfit this January because I was bored with my normal workout routine. I was running races every couple of months including half marathons around Florida. Although I was in pretty good cardiovascular shape, I needed a change in my workout. My muscle mass was low, I could barely do a pushup and had trouble picking up my own groceries. I knew I needed a change. When I initially thought of Crossfit as an option, I immediately dismissed the thought. I heard that it was bad for your body and that you become a “bulky” looking woman instead of looking fit and healthy. I couldn’t have been more wrong.
Diana D. 
Crossfit has changed my life and I have to thank my first and former Crossfit gym for it – CrossFit Tallahassee. I remember when I first joined Crossfit I was way too concerned with getting abs – I didn’t want them! I loved every WOD but did my best to avoid any work out involving sit ups. At the time I didn’t believe that they were sexy in women, however, I have had a change of heart and now I am obsessed with them. I trained at CFTally for almost a year. Unfortunately, I had to leave this amazing group of athletes because I moved back to my hometown. Joining CFTally kept me sane, healthy and feeling very alive
Maria C. 

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