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I joined Crossfit Tally in the Fall of 2011 and continued to do it for two continuous years while finishing my Bachelors at Florida State. When I looked into crossfit it looked like something fun and challenging. My first workout was an emom of handstand push ups at 6 in the morning. I excelled and was immediately hooked, however, never returning for a 6 am class because that was crazy early.
Joey B. 
I have always been envious of people that had the motivation to go to the gym consistently.  I am not a “gym person” and never will be.  Then in the spring of 2010 I heard about CFTally from my friend Ashleigh who wanted me to try it with her.  I was 2 months away from going on a cruise & started CF for fun, thinking I would just tone up for the cruise & later forget about it.  Well it turned out that we both became addicts in less than a week.  CFTally is not just any gym, it becomes a part of your life, like brushing your teeth every day.  So if you’re not a “gym person” but would like to become more physically active, I always tell people, “give it a week & you will be hooked”! 🙂
Juliet F. 
The only regret I have about my time at CrossFit Tallahassee is that I didn’t start sooner. Around March 2015 I finally decided that I’d had enough with just running in circles (literally) trying to maintain mediocrity when it came to fitness. I’ve grown up in all types of athletics, from swimming, to team sports, and some weight lifting as well. But more than actually playing any of these sports, I love being coached.
Alana S 
From the outside crossfit seems like it is just nonstop lifting ridiculously heavy weight, constant yelling by super young and super fit athletes. As a new insider, I can attest that CFTally is a game changer. At CrossFit Tallahassee I’ve found a community that very much became like family, all at different levels of fitness and ages. It is a family that sweats together, pushes each other to get better, and get stronger. Please tell me which gym you find that.
Stephanie Franco 
9 months ago today I joined CrossFit Tallahassee. Becoming a member of this community has been more than I could have imagined and I am thankful for all the friends I have made.
Aaron R. 

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