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Once you’ve decided you’re going to win the CrossFit Games, climb Mount Everest, or lose 100 pounds, we will help you come up with a roadmap and a timeline to help you achieve your goals.


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All the tools to improve your fitness, athleticism, and wellness.

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South of Park ave in the Capital Circle Commercial Center.

504 Capital Circle SE
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I moved to Tallahassee and immediately joined CFTally. The foundations class showed me that while I was in decent physical shape, but I had a lot of room for improvement, especially in the flexibility and cardio-respiratory department. But I persisted. I knew this was what I wanted. One day in November of 2011, the WOD was one I had last completed in August of 2010. I hacked nearly 10 minutes off my previous time. Today, I feel improvement in all 10 areas of fitness, and can truthfully say that I finally feel like an athlete.
Crossfit is addicting and the family of Crossfit Tallahassee is amazing. At Crossfit Tallahassee, you will develop into an elite athlete, and while doing that you will also discover a mental strength that could not very likely--NOT be developed at any other gym.
Kelly B. 
Since I joined CFTally, I am stronger, faster, healthier and happier!  CrossFit is about pushing yourself to be the healthiest, strongest and best person you can be.  It has taught me that you CAN do anything if you really want to.  Anyone can do it and everyone should do it!!!!  CFTally is a great, friendly atmosphere with all the tools you need to be a successful CrossFitter!    Just be aware, it’s ADDICTIVE!
My goal was to increase my strength in lifting, which I knew would make me look better for spring break, but I never fully realized my potential until last September joining CrossFit Tallahassee. Instantly, I felt welcomed and at home, and I quickly became comfortable with everyone. The environment we created at Tally made the pain of working out enjoyable, because you know that everyone was in the same boat suffering along with you. Nothing motivates me more than seeing the level of competition our community of athletes participates at, not only with each other, but also more importantly with themselves.
Joseph R. 
Starting out I thought I was in decent shape, but I soon realized that was not the case.  I fell in love with everything Crossfit entailed.  I cleaned up my diet, fixed my sleeping habits, put an emphasis on mobility and learning proper technique, and constantly asked for advice and tips.  These changes helped by transform my body into one I always hoped for.
Austin B 

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