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CrossFit Tallahassee Location

South of Park ave in the Capital Circle Commercial Center.

504 Capital Circle SE
Tallahassee, FL 32301

(850) 566-3269

I could go on and on about the all the advantages that are offered at Crossfit Tallahassee but I will end by simply saying if you have the chance to workout there you are very lucky and if you are a crossfitter and are passing through Tallahassee and want you butt kicked in one of the best Crossfit gyms around, but be warned you might look at your box in a completely different light.
CrossFit Tallahassee quickly became a second home to me. I loved the atmosphere, the friendships and how strong I felt. In two years, I went from being unable to do a pull-up to easily doing chest to bars and with a lot of practice I achieved my ultimate goal of muscle-ups! Through every work-out there are always others cheering you on and I truly felt I could talk to anybody which isn’t something I’ve ever really experienced. The community is incredible and the WOD is never over until the last person finishes. It was never about being the first one done, lifting the heaviest or running the fastest…rather it was about each person doing the best they can and improving themselves.
Jenna R 
I am going to miss the people at CF Tally more than I can even put into words; I have definitely made lifelong friends. Everyone is there for the same reason, and the support is unbelievable. There’s tough love when you need it, and nothing but encouragement every step of the way. Greg and Teresa are awesome owners who truly care about their athletes, and only want the best for us. With so many time slots available throughout the day, they make it impossible for you to make an excuse (and they get on your case if you start slacking!)
I joined CFTally in May 2013 and was a member for 2 years and only left because I moved away to a new city.  At the time I was 46 years old, so yes, Crossfit truly is for everyone!  I first heard about CF the usual way, from someone who had tried it.  Their assessment of CF:  "Damn, that's hard but fun!" That was in 2010 and I basically forgot about it.  Fast forward to 2013 when I finally decided to join.  Of the various CrossFit options available in Tallahassee, CrossFit Tallahassee was the obvious choice for me because of all the consistently positive feedback I received when I was asking around about which box I should join.
Leo D 
Every day at CrossFit I would walk into the box, and after the WOD I would crawl out weary and worn, but I had always achieved something personal, proved myself physically, and grown stronger emotionally.
John K. 

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