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CrossFit Tallahassee Location

South of Park ave in the Capital Circle Commercial Center.

504 Capital Circle SE
Tallahassee, FL 32301

(850) 566-3269

I began my journey at CrossFit Tallahassee over three years ago. In the beginning I would attend a few times a week and honestly, I didn't try very hard. Even then, I still noticed slight improvements and realized that I was slowly making progress (goodbye banded pull-ups and hello double unders). I eventually made a commitment to myself to attend as often as I could (even with my crazy, and sometimes unpredictable work schedule). CrossFit has now become my favorite part of the day.
Christine M 
Overall after my approximate ~2 years at CFTally, I can definitely say it was a defining move, lifestyle-wise, and made a huge impact, indirectly, on my college career.
Jad M. 
I joined CFTally in May 2013 and was a member for 2 years and only left because I moved away to a new city.  At the time I was 46 years old, so yes, Crossfit truly is for everyone!  I first heard about CF the usual way, from someone who had tried it.  Their assessment of CF:  "Damn, that's hard but fun!" That was in 2010 and I basically forgot about it.  Fast forward to 2013 when I finally decided to join.  Of the various CrossFit options available in Tallahassee, CrossFit Tallahassee was the obvious choice for me because of all the consistently positive feedback I received when I was asking around about which box I should join.
Leo D 
With people of all fitness levels and trainers really looking to help the members improve, CrossFit at CFTally was not the scary experience I first imagined. CrossFit at CFTally was the beginning of a new lifestyle for me and encouraged me to continue wherever I go.
Elizabeth F. 
To say that CrossFit Tallahassee changed my life is a gross understatement.  I joined CFT in June 2012 and had no idea what I was getting myself into.  I had been an athlete my whole life but recent changes in my lifestyle – moved to a town I knew no one, new job accountabilities and ending a relationship – lead me to a very dark place.  It was the first time I felt completely alone and depressed.  he day I walked through the doors of CrossFit Tallahassee was the last time I felt completely alone and depressed.  I was welcomed with open arms, encouraged to be better by complete strangers and pushed to what I thought was my absolute limit.
Lindsey F. 

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