CFTally Vision & Mission

CFTally Vision

CFTally’s vision is to improve the lives of our members by creating lifelong sustainable fitness.

CFTally Mission

Our mission is to help our members achieve a high quality of life through lifelong, sustainable fitness. We do this by altering mindsets, engaging in positive relationships, effective coaching and programming, encouraging a supportive community, creating and maintaining high standards and a rigorous pursuit of excellence.

A High Quality of Life

A life unencumbered by arbitrary limits from physical or mental sources. Living life without concerns of whether you are up to the task before you choose to do it. Not simply surviving but flourishing.

Lifelong Sustainable Fitness

Achieving an elite level of fitness or a level of fitness that approaches your genetic potential, and through life’s challenges and as you age, you are able to maintain or get ever closer to this potential throughout your life.

Altering Mindsets

Creating and ensuring that you are up for the mental challenge of achieving elite fitness. There are many physical challenges, but all are enabled and supported by your mind. Often people have self-limiting beliefs that impose arbitrary limits on what they believe they can achieve. Others are motivated by needs that are not strong enough to carry them through to reach the goal of lifelong fitness. Almost everyone understands that good health is supported by exercise, but many do not act in ways that create the health they say they want. At CFTally, we help members see the limits you are imposing on yourself and to help you to understand how a growth-oriented mindset enables you to embrace the CFTally lifestyle. 

Engaging in Positive Relationships

Ensuring that the relationships you develop enable you to grow as a person and as an athlete. Often we have relationships that hold us back. Many of these relationships are not built on accountability as much as they are about enabling destructive behavior. These kinds of relationships are built on high rapport and low challenge. Successful CFTally relationships begin with your coach who will find the right mix of rapport and challenge that enables you to do more than you could otherwise. The shared experience of the WOD creates friends of everyone in the WOD. This shared experience leads to empathy and encouragement and builds rapport with your fellow athletes. This rapport helps you, and you to help them, deal with the challenge of the workout enabling you to increase your fitness. It’s also fun!

Effective Coaching and Programming

Coaching that makes a positive difference in your fitness journey. Your coach will simultaneously be your strongest advocate and may be the only person that will tell you the truth every time. CFTally coaches wake up everyday thinking of what they can do to get more out of their athletes. We believe in the best possible version of you. That means that when you are at your weakest we are there encouraging you and believing you can be stronger. It matters to us when you choose to not come workout or when for no really good reason you take it easy when you should be working hard. We believe in you, we care and we do these things even when you don’t believe or care. We know you can do better!
Our programming is driven by data. This requires that we create programming that would challenge any athlete and without regard to our current athlete’s abilities. Our athletes constantly surprise us with their resilience and adaptability but this directly corresponds to the challenges they experience. Without challenge there will be no fitness gains and with more challenge more gains. Fitness is about performing well at any and every task imaginable, so our programming is varied and also imaginative. We consider an athlete fit to the degree that they have these abilities and capacities and our programming is designed to increase these characteristics:


  1. Endurance
  2. Stamina
  3. Strength
  4. Flexibility 
  5. Power
  6. Speed
  7. Coordination
  8. Agility
  9. Balance
  10. Accuracy

Encouraging & Supportive Community

A community that is stronger together as a group than as individuals. Everyone naturally works out when it best fits their personal schedule. The people who share your workout schedule will be your closest CFTally friends. This is awesome! They understand you because they are often with you during the WOD. But the world and CFTally is bigger and even more encouraging and enriching when there are more people involved. At CFTally we provide frequent opportunities to expand your CFTally friend list though Saturday partner wods, internal competitions, special events and other social happenings. Small groups can develop into cliques that end up hurting everyone involved, but expanding the variety and quantity of friends avoids these problems. More friends are better!

Creating & Maintaining High Standards

Recognizing and acting on the fact that behavior is a choice. Our choice and our aim is not to merely to survive, but to flourish. Survival is being minimally successful while flourishing is growing and developing in a vigorous way. It is doing more, sometimes much more, than the minimum. This means we will often choose the harder route to follow if the only reason for the alternative choice is that it is easier. We believe you get what you work for. 

Rigorous Pursuit of Excellence

Taking the position that having a high standard is not the end, but rather part, of a journey. Being rigorous means we constantly and consistently work to exceed our own high standards. Situations and conditions are always changing and what was once thought of as an impossibly high standard is often found to not be so impossible. “Good enough” is more about survival than about flourishing.