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Burn it Off Challenge

Regular exercise, eating well and getting enough sleep are the basics to creating a healthy and long life. Most people understand this, but many find it difficult to do. It is hard to give up what we like! Without focus and effort, it is hard to make changes and easy to fall back into bad habits.

This challenge will address these three basic building blocks of fitness with daily and weekly tasks for participants to complete. The goal of this challenge is to focus on developing healthy habits that will continue after the challenge is over.

What it includes

We want everyone to be successful. Here’s what it will include:

  • Three workouts per week – Monday, Tuesday & Thursday at 7:00 PM
  • All workouts are modified to each person’s ability and capacity
  • Each person has their own free Wodify/Rise app and workout tracking app: SugarWod
  • Tasks are things to do that score points and they don’t require any special abilities. Some examples include:
    • How many hours did you sleep?
    • Did you attend the workout?
    • How well did you eat today?
What to Expect

During the six week program, you will have 18 in-gym workouts with a coach.  It is a community based program … you will workout together as a group with translates to accountability and FUN!

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