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Joining CFTally when I moved to Tallahassee was the daunting first step to taking control of my health. I went from barely moving all day to intense exercise, and stairs (or sitting and walking for that matter) were my enemy that first week. I was embarrassed by my lack of fitness and self-conscious of how my body looked as I was doing the workouts. Fortunately, I stuck with it and have made so much progress that I did not even know was possible. Being part of a community that supports me and constantly pushes me to be better has given me the confidence to achieve my goals.

What I love about CFTally is the variety of programming (no two days are the same), seeing my progress in numbers (did I challenge myself enough to improve?), and the camaraderie of similarly-minded athletes (it still impresses me that I am considered an “athlete”).

My love for CFTally has been evident to my family and friends – and my brother even joined an affiliate after I encouraged him to try it! Although I am sad to leave my new family at CFTally, I am excited to start my new adventure at another affiliate, confident that I will continue to make progress toward my fitness goals. It just requires consistently showing up and having a little faith in the process!