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I still recall my first conversation with Greg about Crossfit in 2013. I had just come back from a two month hospital internship in Nicaragua. Being there made me realize how out of shape I was, since there were no working elevators at the hospital and I was there alone so I walked to most places.

Greg told me about the foundation classes and how I could ease my way into working out by scaling work outs and getting help from the coaches. From the first day I went to foundations I was hooked. It was the perfect fit for me, because with my hectic schedule I could go to a gym, not have to wait around for a machine, and get in an all body work out in an hour.

I was extremely impressed by the coaching staff as well. I never was involved in sports so all of the movements, repetition counts and set up was new to me. But the coaches were patient, so patient with me. Coach Jon used to count my rounds and repetitions for me. The coaches got to know me and how to motivate me. They believed in me so it helped me believe in myself and try out new movements. I also really enjoyed that we had a chiropractor that we could go and see, which is included in our membership. I’ve never been hurt but I’ve definitely been sore.

Another reason why I have great appreciation for Crossfit Tally is that it helped me deal with my stress in a positive way. I was so busy with school, research, work, and volunteering that I convinced myself I did not have time to work out. But once I made it a priority, I started having time. I also noticed I slept better, was in a better mood, and I did better academically.

I moved away from Tallahassee after I graduated from undergrad for a job, and then when I moved back to Tallahassee for school I came right back to Crossfit Tally.

When I was preparing for my wedding, I took advantage of the personal training the gym offers. I wanted to tone up and Coach Pat helped me achieve my goals with personalized work outs and a nutrition journal. It was hard but worth it!

It has been a pleasure to be part of this gym and this community. This gym has given so much to me and I would recommend it to anyone who wants a great work out program regardless of where they are in their fitness journey.

 And right before she left CFTally. :)  And right before she left CFTally. 🙂