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When thinking about joining Crossfit, I had a lot of the stereotypical normal concerns that a lot of people may have. I kept thinking, ” I am not in shape enough to lift all of that weight” “there’s no way I can do those crazy movements” or, ” I don’t want to get bulky muscles.” I am here today to break that stereotype because of my time spent at Crossfit tallahassee.

I have been a member for a year now, and I have been to a few different Crossfit gyms while traveling during the school year. The main difference that I truly feel Crossfit tallahassee has, is the direct coaching that the staff provides. I can’t tell you how many times my trainers would be working with me directly on specific movement, and continuously motivate me in the process.

Every time I step foot into the gym, I am constantly supported, pushed to do my best, and believe it or not, to have fun. CFTally is something that has changed not just my fitness life, but my overall life in general. Because of CFTally, I feel better day to day, I have a support group of friends, a family that pushes me to succeed beyond the gym, and a home that I get to come to after a long day.

I use to dread working out, but now, I look forward to the one hour in the Crossfit gym. Not only do the trainers educate you on movements, they educate you on nutrition, health, wellness, and recovery. As crazy as it may sound, my trainers and my gym actually care about me and my well being. That’s the CFTally difference. We are more than a place to workout. We are a family.