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I joined CFTally in May 2013 and was a member for 2 years and only left because I moved away to a new city.  At the time I was 46 years old, so yes, Crossfit truly is for everyone!  I first heard about CF the usual way, from someone who had tried it.  Their assessment of CF:  “Damn, that’s hard but fun!”  That was in 2010 and I basically forgot about it.  Fast forward to 2013 when I finally decided to join.  Of the various CrossFit options available in Tallahassee, TallyCF was the obvious choice for me because of all the consistently positive feedback I received when I was asking around about which box I should join.

At the end of that first orientation class, I felt fine.  48 hours later, not so much.  It was clear that my fitness level at the time had, let’s say, lots of upside potential, just like my school teachers used to tell me!  But I went back each day, and slowly at first, and then more rapidly, I saw remarkable improvement.

But my discipline and determination could only take me so far.  I needed good teachers, and TallyCF has a stable of incredible coaches.  Over those two years, my coaches were Danny, Pat, Jon, and Frankie.  Each of them taught and motivated me in different ways.  Danny got me started on my journey and provided the foundation to build upon under his watchful eye for perfect form.  Jon always pushed me to try harder, lift heavier, move faster.  He clearly believed I could do better than what I believed and that kind of encouragement is invaluable.  Frankie was the no-nonsense “drill sergeant” who had this uncanny ability to make me laugh when I was sure I was going to die.  I started PRing, RXing, and doing things I never thought possible.  If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’ve come to believe that the secret to CF is great coaches, and TallyCF has them in abundance.

In addition to great coaches, TallyCF provides a welcoming environment with a healthy dose of friendly competition.  Irrespective, if you’re a complete beginner or seasoned veteran, you will find everything you need to challenge yourself and ensure that you achieve your personal fitness goals.  Classes are offered throughout the day from early morning to evening, and with three gym locations around town, TallyCF made it super convenient to fit a daily workout into my schedule.  I felt like my monthly membership was an absolute bargain for what I was provided in return in terms of coaches, equipment, classes, extra training, and access to the gym even on Saturday.

I’m still doing CF today in my new city and expect to continue indefinitely.  Nothing else compares in my opinion.  It has been the best investment to my physical well-being that I’ve ever made.  Is CF hard?  Yes, some days are harder than others.  But my time at TallyCF was also incredibly fun and gratifying.  The coaches and fellow athletes, who became friends along the journey, were amazing sources of constant motivation.  There is a turning point in CF when everything just clicks.  I can say as a complete CF novice when I first started, you will go from feeling overwhelmed to fully comfortable, confident, and excited to learn more and push yourself beyond what you thought possible.  Fortunately, all that happens fairly quickly.  The results have exceeded even my most optimistic expectations.  And they will for you as well.

Leo DiBenigno