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After graduating college I found it hard to stay in shape. I have always been physically active and mostly on some sort of team through my life and even in college. When I didn’t really have that option any more I looked for another way to stay active. I have never been one to go to the gym because I have no motivation to push myself through a bunch of boring machine workouts that you have to usually wait in line for because it is so crowded. Crossfit is not your typical gym setting. When I heard about Crossfit Tally from a few people it immediately sparked an interest. After my first visit they had me hooked. Dedicated and motivational coaches that push you through an already planned workout every day, is exactly what I was looking for. The great part is that any person at any physical level can join. Workouts are scaled to your capabilities and you can watch yourself grow.  It is definitely a struggle at first but after you get through the first few weeks of soreness, you start to see the changes it gives you physically and mentally. Although I just left CFT to move to South Florida, I am still staying active and it has definitely had an impact on my motivation.  Crossfit Tallahassee offers a great environment, great coaches, and a never ending challenge to your physical capabilities. It didn’t take long to learn that even the strong struggle!

Crossfit will change you forever, just keep pushin’!

Thank you Crossfit Tallahassee!