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Growing up I was always active. I was involved in competitive swimming, and while I was not always happy about it I was one of those kids in the pool for practice at 6:30 in the morning.  As time went on I became stronger, faster, and had better form.  At the end of practice or a meet it was easy for me to measure my progress. Did I win a race?  Was the margin of time between me and my competition larger or smaller than last time?  Was I able to keep up with all drills during practice?  Were my time trials improving?

In my adult life I have continued to stay active.  I enjoy running, and while it is a great stress relief for me, it was not helping me stay in great overall shape. I could run 5 miles without any trouble, but I could not do a proper push up or push press a bar. I would go to the gym and was so overwhelmed by all of the lack of direction it would be straight to the treadmill to watch the television while I ran. I tried working out with a trainer, but there was no way to easily measure my progress and soon I felt like I did the same things over and over. I needed something that challenged me, kept my attention, could gauge my progress, and was fun!!

Nearly a year ago I came across CrossFit Tallahassee, and have finally found the workout that is made to meet the goals of each and every person there. CrossFit changes every day, you are challenged every day, supported and cheered on every day, and your progress is measured every day. While the WOD may seem overwhelming at first, the trainers challenge you to get your best workout and make the WOD fit your abilities.  No matter what a CrossFitter’s strengths or weakness are they are welcomed, and you work through them.

Some people may hesitate thinking that they are “not in good enough shape” for CrossFit.  That is not the case. On any given day each CrossFit athlete will be the fastest, strongest, weakest, slowest, or most challenged no matter how long you have been here or what level of conditioning you are at.  After my time at CrossFit the past year I have become stronger, my beloved green band was taken away, and little by little I can increase my weight from the last workout.  I learned that I could do things that when told or explained to me I thought I couldn’t do.

CrossFit and CFTally will make you the athlete that you wish to be, and make you the athlete that you never knew you could be no matter where you view yourself right now.