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Crossfit Tally has been the single most beneficial workout I have ever experienced. Greg and Teresa really do a great job off the bat letting you know what crossfit is all about and what we can expect to get out of joining their gym. They are very confident that they system they have works, and after training with them for a while, I have no reason to believe otherwise. The whole reason I decided to give it a try is because I needed something to get me ready for The Basic School with the Marine Corps. A year of being apart from the Marines while finishing college was not good for me physically. I had a long way to go in a little bit of time.

With two months out I showed up to Crossfit hoping for the best. I did 12 pull-ups and my run time was a joke. As well, I had never done any type of “functional fitness” and had no idea what I was getting myself into. For two months I worked out pretty consistently, at least 3-4 days a week. At the beginning, I could hardly move after every workout. My body was definitely experiencing something it never had before. Every day I went, my times and repetitions were recorded so I could easily track improvement in the future. This was great because when we would repeat a workout, whoever was helping that day made sure I pushed myself harder to beat my previous time and weight.

By the end of the two months I was up to doing 20 pull-ups and felt completely prepared for whatever that Marines had in store for me. The funny thing is, the first workout I did with my platoon just so happened to be a crossfit workout. This type of workout is becoming very popular for a very good reason. I like that when I am pressed for time I now know where I can look to get a good workout. I recommend crossfit for anyone who wants to get in great shape and highly recommend Crossfit Tally be the place you reside. I doubt there are other crossfit trainers out there as good as Greg and Teresa. They are very personable and very dedicated to helping you improve, even if that means they need to work around your schedule. Thank you so much Crossfit Tally!”

I am very appreciative of the time both of you dedicated to me during those couple of months and hope everything is going well. Hopefully I can stop by sometime to see you guys later this month

-Ric Miller