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I started CrossFit at the urging of my brother, Joe, a cyclist and triathlete.  At first I was turned off because of the cost. I could work out at my old high school for free. Nevertheless Joe convinced me that at least a month would be worth it.  And it was.

I came to CrossFit with an athletic background.  I did volleyball, weightlifting and track and field in high school.  My forte has always been weights, and my weakness aerobics.  So I won’t even lie, I was wary about the running and the timed workouts.  But as Greg likes to say, “you won’t overcome your weaknesses unless you practice them.”  My 800m time is down from 5:19 to 4:08.   What makes CrossFit so much fun is that I am able to do what I love (lifting weights) while also doing what I don’t love but is good for me (cardio).  There’s hardly a more accomplished feeling than after completing 75 power snatches as fast as possible or switching between an 800 m run and 15 squats for five sets.  CrossFit has something for everyone, whether you like the power of weights, like me, or the stability (or lack thereof!) of gymnastics, or the freedom of a run.

Shape-wise, because that’s always a big deal, I’m slimming down.  Honestly, I look the best that I ever have.  CrossFit involves a good balance of the three kinds of exercise (weights, cardio, gymnastics) so that I am trim but also toned, and anyone else can be too.