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I came to Crossfit Tallahassee in January 2016, under a lot of apprehension. I knew nothing about Crossfit other than it looked hard, and heavy! Prior to becoming a Crossfit member I was a runner. Let me change that, I was a person who tolerated running however, I was not an elite runner. I had broken my foot which put me out of commission for six months for any real physical activity. I knew I would not be able to pick up and start running again. So when my foot healed I started at a franchise gym for several months, which was okay. Mostly I was bored and alone a good bit of the time. I was failing to be challenged by myself or anyone else for that matter.

That all changed with Tallahassee Crossfit. See I have a friend, Shawn, who talked me into coming to Crossfit just one day to try it out. After some heavy persuasion I went in on a partner WOD (workout of the day). What’s the worst that could happen, right?

Looking at the workout it seemed really long and kind of scary, but what was really cool about CFTally is that they scaled some of the movements for me so that it would be challenging but I wouldn’t feel like a failure. They made my goal more attainable for the physical condition I was currently in. The best part was I had my partner with me the entire workout. It was about teamwork. Pushing myself for someone else’s benefit. Sometimes it’s easier to do that then to push for your own benefit. At the end of it all there was a lot of sweat, good jobs and high fives. It felt good!

There is something about that place… a sort of vibe. The members, coaches, workouts, all of it together is really more powerful in positivity than I could ever give it justice in attempting to describe.

See no matter what your fitness level is you can always improve. And at CFTally that vibe that I can’t really describe, well it gives you this sense that your able to accomplish things. Don’t get me wrong you won’t go in there within a week a deadlift 600 pounds, but you will go in there and consistently improve one WOD at a time. The changes start little by little. Not only do you take notice but so do the other members. They cheer you on, they encourage you to keep going even when you don’t think you can. The coaches are such an asset, they take time at the beginning of every workout and teach every member (new and old) the proper techniques of movements. No one there gets frustrated with the new guy for holding things back. There is no holding things back. We all practice the movements. We all stretch to help prevent injuries, we all workout as hard as we can to be the best that we can that day.

Crossfit isn’t the easiest but if it was would it really be worth it? You’ll learn how to be the best you. You’ll learn how to be better than the best you that you were yesterday. You’ll look back as I did and realize this new hobby has become something bigger than you expected. It’s become a lifestyle, a family, a home, a positive support. And it all started with just trying for one day.

Thank you to CFTally for giving me a more amplified positive look on life. Thank you for helping me become a better person both physically and mentally. Thank you for helping me get to such awesome heights as doing a 225 pound back squat, a 270 pound deadlift, or cruising through double unders as a warmup! Most importantly though thank you for becoming my family.

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