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After moving to Tallahassee in January 2014 after living in Sarasota for 40 years, I found keeping up with my prior fitness routine was not working out so well.  Being a colon cancer survivor of 18 years and undergoing very extensive treatments at a very young age, I knew it was time to get very serious about a fitness program this year.  I never imagined it would be Crossfit!

Crossfit seemed like something I could never do because of my health challenges.  I did not realize that each workout is scaled to your individual fitness level.  When Coach Greg told me that, I decided to give it a try because that is exactly what I needed!  Receiving personalized training in a group setting has been so inspiring as I watch all the various fitness levels around me. And I Love the fact that there is a different workout (WOD) each day!  It never gets boring and it is Always Challenging!   In less than a year of attending Crossfit Tallahassee, I have greatly increased my muscle strength and tone.

Coach Greg and Teresa Keeter are very knowledgeable and extremely patient!  They have provided me with very personalized training during each and every class.  This has been such A BLESSING in helping me build muscle and get stronger for continued good health.  Crossfit Tallahassee has been the Best Investment that I have made!

My Dad would always say “If you have your Health, you have Everything”!  He was So Right!!

Thank You!
Mary Colonese

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