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Growing up I’ve always been an athlete. I love the challenge that comes with being active and striving always to do one better. I’ve done the whole gym memberships, personal training, boot camps, kickboxing, martial arts, dance classes, strict diet, the whole 9 yards. When CrossFit hit its craze and popularity however, I was not interested. I just thought, heavy lifting plus too many people with one trainer equals easy injury, and me being accident-prone, (knee, foot, elbow and back injuries- just to name a few) gave me a reason to go in the opposite direction. In March I moved to Tallahassee and the routine of having to come up with my own workouts, just didn’t cut it for me anymore. Talking with some friends who recently picked up CF, even those who are much older and much more accident-prone, said it has been the best challenge they’ve met. I did some research and decided to give it run. I have to say I am so glad I did. At CrossFit Tallahassee, I’ve found a place that challenges me. Friends that even at 6am push me when I THINK I’ve given it my all. I have quite the support system of coaches like Greg and Teresa that want to see me improve and reach my goals even if I think they’re unattainable. Every workout has had its challenges, instead of allowing me to stay with the thought, “I can’t”, this dream team of 3, help scale the weights or movements so that I too can complete the workouts.

Remember how I said I am accident-prone? Well here’s to say I wasn’t lying.  I stressed my wrists a bit too far about two months into training. Now don’t think, I knew it, CrossFit results in injury! No. I simply moved too fast without giving it much thought. You have to learn to walk before running, right? I forget that I am not as strong as I used to be, and need to walk before I run when it comes to working out. Instead of calling quits, Coach Greg was more than patient, willing to work around my injury. Not just that, but together figured out what muscles needed to be strengthened to better my wrists. Although it was frustrating they did nothing but encourage me. We were able to figure out exercises to strengthen my wrists and forearms, movements to help with the mobility and I’m glad to say I am almost at 100% again. I have to admit I’ve had a mental block, worried my wrists will get worse, but that’s where these 3 come in. At CFTally whether 6am with Coach Greg or later in the evening with Teresa, I find a coach that is willing to hear but not accept my “excuses” and show me I am capable of getting over this hurtle.

Reaching goals never is easy, that’s why it is a goal, right? If it was easy, why try to achieve it? My goals thus far have been far from easy and I have yet to fully achieve them, but from the beginning until now I’m stronger both mentally and physically, and see results! Everyday each workout presents its challenges and man some days I wish I would’ve stayed home, but together with my coaches and fellow sweaty motivators, the encouragement and positivity is too real to not kick butt.

From the outside crossfit seems like it is just nonstop lifting ridiculously heavy weight, constant yelling by super young and super fit athletes. As a new insider, I can attest that CFTally is a game changer. At CrossFit Tallahassee I’ve found a community that very much became like family, all at different levels of fitness and ages. It is a family that sweats together, pushes each other to get better, and get stronger. Please tell me which gym you find that.