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I grew up resenting athletes and jocks and heavily identifying as a lovable sidekick, a chubby nerd. When I joined Crossfit I was hesitant; I knew that I was never going to be a typical before and after picture, and I strongly questioned the worth of the financial commitment. I’ve been a part of Crossfit Tallahassee for one and a half years, and it’s very much challenged my identity, making me realize that athleticism isn’t something you’re either born with or you’re not; rather, athletic skill is something that you work on and develop. Over the past eighteen months, I’ve come to appreciate the mental and physical benefits of Crossfit, and have learned that both the financial and the time commitment has been completely worth it.

I’ve put in my work and time at the gym before Crossfit; but Crossfit is the first place that’s made me feel joy and excitement about pulling a sports bra over my head and tying up my sneakers. Crossfit is the first place that gave me a sense of the team comradery. Before joining Crossfit, all my physical accomplishments were strongly tied into the number on the scale, and my sense of self rested heavily on the appearance of my body. I haven’t completely discounted vanity as a reason to train; but I have gained a lot of pride and a great sense of accomplishment in learning my body’s capabilities.

The coaches at Crossfit Tallahassee have had an incredible impact on my training. They really care about the wellbeing of their members, and that comes through in the coaching and in every conversation I’ve had with each of them. Teresa has absolutely helped me conquer many workouts, helping me scale the workouts physically – but also helping me overcome mental barriers. I’ve battled anxiety for many years, and having Crossfit as part of my self-care routine has helped tremendously.  I’ve come to Teresa and Greg with all sorts of questions – ranging from form and specific skills to nutrition and motivation. Every one of these coaches has helped to define my fitness journey over the past year and a half, and I’m grateful for the insight that they’ve brought into my life. The members at our gym, regardless of day or class time, are positive and encouraging people. There is a real sense of family at Crossfit that keeps me coming back.