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I found myself at Crossfit Tallahassee three years ago for several reasons – but I can boil it down to the drunken college debauchery was taking a toll on my body. The fact that I ended up at Crossfit Tallahassee was purely based on a hungover Sunday Google search shortly followed by you will do this and you will not quit.

I will be completely honest in saying my first month (more like three) of Crossfit were nothing short of miserable. It took me longer to understand the workouts vs completing them, you are constantly sore, and certainly thinking to yourself ‘why would anyone pay to feel like this’. I rode out the storm. Till after many months I still assumed I was ‘not where I should be’ and quit. I was back one week later, asking my trainer to disregard my cancellation. Then gone again. Then back again.

I think it’s important to remember why I found myself at this gym three years later with a different mindset. It became home. Progression and PRs began to correlate directly from consistency and healthy competition. Friends turn into family, trainers begin to know you better than you know yourself, and you are amazed on a daily basis of what your body can handle.

Stay true to who you are and what you are capable of. Listen to your trainer. Encourage others not because of their score, but effort. Don’t cheat yourself. Show up every day. Continue learning. Smile. Laugh. Most importantly, have fun with it. I fell in love with the process only when I was able to do so, and I truly believe that is why so many others do as well.

Thank you Crossfit Tallahassee and trainers! You are a special bunch.